'Spirit Of The Jaguar'
Sepecat Jaguar GR3
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The Sepecat Jaguar is a joint Anglo-French design dating back to 1965 originally conceived as a dual-role advanced/operational trainer and tactical support aircraft, the Jaguar has however evolved into a fighter-bomber. The Sepecat Jaguar was first delivered to the RAF in 1973, and at one stage was standard equipment with 8 front-line squadrons in both the UK and Germany.
  The Jaguar went on to see combat operations in several high-profile conflicts. British and French Jaguars operated in the 1991 Gulf War while British Jaguars took part in the upcoming Balkan Wars. French Jaguars served in the Kosovo War (1998-1999) while India fielded their Jaguars in the Kargil War (1999) against Pakistan. Ecuador unleashed their Jaguars in a limited role during the 1995 Cenepa War with Peru.
  The final RAF Jaguar flight occurred on December 20th, 2007.
The painting depicts a Jaguar GR3 XX119 of 6 Squadron baring its destinctive spotted paint scheme to celebrate the types retirement from service.
Artist Paul Howard.
Available as a
A3 or 20x16 inch print.
Remarqued Print

A pencil sketch of a Jaguar is drawn in the lower border of the print.