'Thunder and Lightning'
English Electric Lightnings Mk6

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The English Electric Lightning had a very impressive performance and a high work load for the pilot. It was the job of the highly experianced pilots of Lightning Training Flight ( LTF ) at RAF Binbrook to convert other pilots to the Lightning. During a NATO exercise a Lightning intercepted a very surprised U2 pilot at 88,000 ft.
The Lightning was for all practical purposes the last truly British air-superiority fighter. From the 1960s on, the British government would, for good reasons but not always with the tidiest results, join into collaborations with other nations to develop leading-edge combat aircraft such as the Jaguar, Tornado, and Eurofighter Typhoon. The Lightning was the last of a very distinguished breed.
The painting depicts a Lightning Mk6 of LTF climbing under full after burner. This aircraft is now preserved at Bruntingthorpe and is one of a pair of Lightning which kept in ground running condition by the Lightning Preservation Group. It regulary takes part in fast taxi runs.

Artist Paul Howard.
Available as an A3 size or 20x16 print.
Remarqued Print

A pencil sketch of a Lightning is drawn in the lower border of the print.