Gloster Meteor Mk8
Greeting Card
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The painting depicts a Gloster Meteor of 610 squadron RAF. The Meteor was Britains first operational jet fighter and first flew in 1943. Deliveries of the Meteor F.Mk 1 began on June 1st, 1944 with RAF squadron No.616 becoming the first British RAF group to receive the type. The Meteor saw  combat action in the Second World War and was found to be  a solution to the German V-1 flying bomb menace, its speed proving a perfect remedy to the elusive qualities of the German rockets.  A total of 3,900 aircraft were eventually delivered to many airforces and served well into the 1980's.
No. 610 Squadron was formed at Hooton Park in Cheshire, in February 1936, as a bomber unit. In January l939 it re-mustered as a fighter squadron. It played a major role in the Battle of Britain and the rest of the war. For a time it was commanded by W/Cdr. Johnnie Johnson, triple D.S.O, double D.F.C. the allied top scoring fighter pilot.
610 (County of Chester) Squadron was re-formed at Hooton Park in June 1946 with Spitfire XIVs giving way to Spitfire XXIIs, then Meteor IVs and finally Meteor VIIIs. With the termination of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force the Squadron was disbanded in March 1957.