aviation museums
This web directory provides some useful and interesting links for the aviation enthusiast.

         US Aviation Museums        
Aerospace Museum of California Wide range of aircraft types, both military and civilian. These include fighters, trainers, transports and bi-planes
Air Mobility Command Museum Along with the USS Alabama there is an impressive aircraft collection.
Airline History Museum Collection includes a fine example of a Lockheed Constellation.
Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet Museum The Aircraft Carrier USS HORNET Museum is a national treasure, having participated in two of the greatest events of the 20th century -- World War II and the Apollo 11 manned space mission.
Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum The Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum's mission is to "preserve, display, and honor Alaska's aviation heritage.
American Airpower Museum Museum has operational World War II aircrafts as well as static displays based at the home to Republic Aviation, the complex produced over 9,000 P-47 Thunderbolts.
Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force Collection includes B17 and Russian Mig Jets. Rides are available in some warbirds.
Army Aviation Heritage Foundation Both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, representing the eras from World War II, Korea, Vietnam to present. Some of the aircraft have been restored.
Battleship Alabama The museum is dedicated to airlift and air refueling history but also has other types of aircraft on display.
Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation Dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of the greatest humanitarian/aviation event in history, The Berlin Airlift.
Blackbird Air Park Blackbird Airpark, an annex of the Air Force Flight Test Center Museum at Edwards Air Force Base, offers a look at the unique Blackbird series of military aircraft. Included in the collection are the Lockheed SR­71A Blackbird reconnaissance plane, its predecessor, the A­12 test plane, and the ultra­secret D­21 drone.
CAF Airpower Museum A great wealth of aviation artifacts and aircraft including 34 original nose art panels.
California Flight Museum A collection of living, breathing, howling Warbirds. We maintain and fly these historic aircraft on a regular basis.
Cavanaugh Flight Museum Quality collection with airworthy condition of nearly all of the aircraft on display. Home to the world's only flyable Boeing B-29 Superfortress.
Collings Foundation Collection The collection spans nearly 80 years of powered flight. Many of the aircraft are viewable at airshows.
Combat Air Museum Aircraft ranging from the WWI period to the present day are on display plus aircraft engines of many types, Plus extensive display of artifacts.
Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing Collection of flying historic aircraft some of which are available for rides in.
Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing Rare flying WWII and Korea warplanes and display of artifacts and memorabilia.
Chico Air Museum In the 1940's and 50's, Chico Army Airfield was a major training site for thousands of pilots, both as a primary training base flying BT-13's, and for advanced gunnery and multi-engine training.
Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum Restoration, and operation of classic military aircraft including Hawker Hunter G-HUNT.
Classic Rotors California based, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of historic helicopters and vintage rotorcraft.
Estrella Warbirds Museum Restoration and preservation of military aircraft & memorabilia.
Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum Best known for the original Spruce Goose, the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum is home to over 200 aircraft and exhibits.
Fantasy of Flight Art Deco facility is home to over 40 rare and vintage aircraft, many of which have been restored to flyable condition.
Flying Heritage Collection The main emphasis of the collection includes combat aircraft from World War II.
Flying Leathernecks Museum The only museum in the world dedicated to the primary purpose of preserving the history of Marine Corps Aviation.
Glenn H. Curtiss Museum An extensive collection of Curtiss-related vintage aircraft.
Golden Age Air Museum The restoration and flying of some wonderful examples of 1920s / 1930s aircraft.
Grissom Air Museum

Museum has 25 aircraft on outdoor display, spanning from WWII to the Gulf Wars including B-47B Stratojet and B-58A Hustler.

Heritage of Eagles Air Museum All-volunteer non-profit Museum dedicated to the preservation of the Eagle Field Army Air Forces Training Base built in 1942 and located at Eagle Field near Dos Palos, California.
Hill Aerospace Museum Houses and preserves a wide variety of objects, from gigantic military aircraft to delicate and fragile artwork.
Iowa Aviation Museum Celebrates Iowa's aviation heritage with a fine collection of vintage aircraft.
Joe Davies Heritage Airpark The Airpark currently includes 17 retired military aircraft on static display.
Kennedy Space Center The centre of the manned space programe.
K.I. Sawyer AFB Museum Collection includes a B52D and F102.
Lone Star Flight Museum Flights are available in some of the aircraft.
March Field Air Museum Over 70 historic aircraft are on display both in and outside of the main museum building. Many famous record breaking planes such as the Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird" .
Mid-America Air Museum One of the country's largest air museums and home to more than 100 aircraft.
Mid-Atlantic Aviation Museum Some really interesting aircraft including the restoration of a P61 Black Widow.
Military Aviation Museum Recovery and restoration component of the museum is dedicated to the preservation of historical aircraft.
Military Aviation Preservation Society A broad collection of aircraft ranging from a Sopwith Triplane to F-4S Phantom.
Minnesota Air National Guard Museum Currently displays 20 different aircraft including some early jets.
Minter Field Museum Many flying WWII aircraft, including Stearmans, Ryans, Stinsons, North American AT-6s, and Harvard, and a P-51 Mustang.
Moffett Field Museum Moffett Field has a storied and important history, — a history that includes major contributions to our natiional security and the advancement of science and technology.
Museum Of Aviation 100 aircraft, missilesand cockpits dating from a replica of an early 1896 glider to modern-era aircraft such as the B-1B bomber, the SR-71 Blackbird, the U-2 Dragon Lady and F-15 Eagle.
N A S Wildwood Aviation Museum A collection of 26 aircraft as well as exhibits of military memorabilia, engines, photographs and more.
National Museum of the United States Air Force Military aviation history, boasting more than 400 aerospace vehicles, many rare, along with thousands of historical items.
National Naval Aviation Museum One of the world’s largest aviation museums has more than 150 beautifully restored aircraft, hands-on exhibits and more than 4,000 artifacts representing Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard aviation.
Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome has one of the world's greatest collections of flying pioneer, WW-I, and Lindbergh era airplanes.It also provides thrilling biplane rides..

Olympic Flight Museum Preservation and flying of vintage aircraft.
Ozark Military Museum Dedicated to the preservation of aircraft, weapons and other memorabilia from World War II and other conflicts.
Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor On historic Ford Island occupies World War II-era hangars that still bear the scars of our nation's first aviation battlefield.
Pacific Coast Air Museum A unique collection of warbirds, spyplanes and other aircraft - all beautifully maintained and preserved by a dedicated crew of retired Air Force mechanics, airline pilots and museum volunteers.
Palm Springs Air Museum One of the nation's largest collection of World War II flying aircraft displayed.
Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum Aircraft carrier USS Yorktown is the centre piece of the museum with its naval aircraft collection on board.
Peterson Air & Space Museum Preserves and portrays the rich aviation and space history of Colorado Springs and Peterson Air Force Base.
Pima Air & Space Museum One of the largest air and space museums in the world, and the largest non-government funded aviation museum with more than 300 aircraft.
Pioneer Flight Museum Preserves the memory of aircraft from the early days of flight, specifically dating from the years before World War II. Many of the museum's aircraft are flyable, and others are projects being restored or built to flying status.

Planes Of Fame The Planes of Fame Air Museum is a "living history" museum, where the aircraft are not only preserved, but are kept flying.
Pueblo Museum A collection of aircraft from the early days of aviation to the jet age.
San Diego Air & Space Museum Celebrates aviation and space flight history through preservation of significant artifacts, presentation of dynamic exhibits, and commemoration of the men and women who forged aerospace history.
Southern Museum Of Flight Provides a continuum of exhibitions, displays, and educational services with a sincere devotion to cultural and historical literacy.
Strategic Air & Space Museum Wide collection of 33 aircraft and artifacts relating to aviation and space flight.
Tennessee Museum of Aviation Aviation history comes to life when perfectly restored vintage aircraft are brought back to life.
Tillamook Air Museum 30 War Birds including a P-38 Lightning, F4U-Corsair, P51-Mustang, PBY Catalina and SBD Dauntless dive bomber.
Travis Air Museum The Museum has a representative collection of American military aircraft from various periods: fighters, bombers, trainers, cargo and liaison aircraft.
Tri-State Warbird Museum The restoration of some interesting warbirds.
Valiant Air Command Museum Collection of vintage warbirds, memorabilia and artifacts , as well as its vintage warbird restoration.
Vintage Flying Museum Over 20 aircraft at the museum in various condition.including B-17G"CHUCKIE"
WAAAM One of the largest collections of still-flying antique aeroplanes in the USA.
Western Museum of Flight Dedicated to preserving and displaying aircraft history and artifacts of Southern California's aviation heritage.
Wings and Rotors Air Museum Wings of yesterday, flying today.
Wings Over the Rockies Museum The massive B-52 Stratofortress greets you at the front door of our 1930's-era former Air Force hangar - home to over three dozen historic airplanes and space vehicles.
Yanks Air Museum The scope of the collection covers the entire history of American aviation, from the 1903 Wright Flyer to Jets.
Yankee Air Museum Some historic aircraft kept in flying condition.
1940 Air Terminal Museum Travel back in time with the Houston's original art-deco air terminal.