aviation art, classic aircraft
aviation art, classic aircraft
handle page halifax
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 The Handley Page Halifax played a major role towards securing an Allied victory during the Second World War, it was the first four engine bomber to fly sorties against Germany forces. The Handley Page H.P. 57 Halifax entered service in November 1940 and was the second of the three four engine heavy bomber used by the RAF during the war. Between 1941 and 1945 the Halifax flew 75,532 sorties during which 227,610 tons of bombs were dropped on European targets. The Halifax was also used Middle East and Far East the only British heavy bomber to do so.
Those who flew the Haliax had great loyalty and affection for this tough, rugged bomber. Bomber Command's Canadian 6 Group based in Northeast of England was the main operator of the Halifax, mainly in Yorkshire. Night after night the Yorkshire ground shook as hundreds of Halifaxes flew outward bound.
  In 1944 the crew of Beer Is Best took part in an mock combat exercise with a USAAF P61 Black Widow fighter. Despite many 'attacks' the fast and powerful fighter could not obtain a 'kill' as 'Hallibag' was thrown about the sky. The P61 pilot was completely astounded at what this big aircraft could do. Beer Is Best survived many real combat attackes and completed the war with a very impressive 92 operations.
  Flt Lt Terry Hobbs flew his first tour of operations in this aircraft as flight engineer.His second tour was on Lancasters with Pathfinders.
Please visit Beer Is Best website for more information about this famous bomber and it's crew.
  The painting depicts Halifax MkIII ' Beer Is Best ' of 433 squadron based at Skipton-on-Swale, Yorkshire during 1944.
Artist P.Hobbs.
Available as an A3 size or 20x16 print.
Remarqued edition limited to 50 prints.
Example of the remarqued print with a pencil sketch of Beer Is Best in the lower border. Please click image to view a remarqued print.
The crew of Beer Is Best in 1944.
Teryy Hobbs in 1944.