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raf jaguar
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This print is as a remarque with a sketch of a Sepecat Jaguar in the lower border. Please click image to view.
 The Sepecat Jaguar is a joint Anglo-French design dating back to 1965 originally conceived as a dual-role advanced/operational trainer and tactical support aircraft, the Jaguar has however evolved into a fighter-bomber. The Sepecat Jaguar was first delivered to the RAF in 1973, and at one stage was standard equipment with 8 front-line squadrons in both the UK and Germany.
 The Jaguar went on to see combat operations in several high-profile conflicts. British and French Jaguars operated in the 1991 Gulf War while British Jaguars took part in the upcoming Balkan Wars. French Jaguars served in the Kosovo War (1998-1999) while India fielded their Jaguars in the Kargil War (1999) against Pakistan. Ecuador unleashed their Jaguars in a limited role during the 1995 Cenepa War with Peru.
 The final RAF Jaguar flight occurred on December 20th, 2007.
The painting depicts a Jaguar GR3 XX119 of 6 Squadron baring its destinctive spotted paint scheme to celebrate the types retirement from service.
This aircraft now resides at RAF Cosford in Shropshire.

Artist Paul Howard.
Available as an A3 size or 20x16 print.